Small Screen and Great Ambitions: Australian Television Series in the Cultural Context of the Country

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The article investigates the success of Australian TV series in many countries including Russia. Today, these are professionally made audiovisual works with well-constructed stories, talented casts and magnificent direction. ttey show the life of Australian society, revealing social problems and the reasons of the Green Continent’s prosperity, make one want to take a closer look at this country.

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 Abstract: Television series occupy a significant place in the Australian television network and in the culture of the country as a whole. Their role in forming the taste and needs of society is huge. These works of different genres, addressed to almost all segments of the population, have a tremendous impact on the consciousness, and sometimes subconsciousness of the audience. The TV-series of the Green continent is not a narrow national phenomenon, Australia actively cooperates in the production of movies for TV with other countries, almost all the series are coproduction, which gives Australia both investments for production and the possibility of transmitting in all regions of the world. Australian series are popular in Russia. We must also admit that the TV-series are a sphere for experiments of the leading directors, who at this time do not have projects in the big movie, and the launchpad for debutants, who have become popular on television than most often go into the feature films (indicative example of creativity is P. Weir — the author of Picnic at Hanging Rock, Dead Poets Society, The Truman Show, etc.). Finally, for the actors of the country — this is a real chance to declare themselves to producers and viewers, to gain fame. 

Australian soap operas are really popular and successful all over the world.

About the authors

Irina А Zvegintseva


Author for correspondence.

Russian Federation, Moscow

Doctor of Arts, Chair of Cinema Studies


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