Movie Distribution Categories in Russia: Sample of Statistical Analysis

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The article analyzes the statistical distribution dynamics of domestic film attendance within the territory of the Russian Federation covering a five-year period (from 2009 to 2013). The authors point out four distribution categories and six subcategories for films in accordance with their attendance at cinemas. Comprehensive analysis of the films grouped into each category allows to make conclusions concerning a progression of absolute measure of domestic film attendance and increase its relative share in the total amount of distribution.

About the authors

Oleg Valentinovich Ivanov

MSU; “KinoEkspertiza”

Author for correspondence.

PhD in Physics and Mathematics, associate professor (MSU), CEO of “KinoEkspertiza”, secretary of the RF Filmmakers' Union, member of the Expert Board of the Federal Fund for Social and Economic Support to National Cinematography, member of the Auteur and Experimental Cinematography Expert Board (Ministry of Culture of the Russian Federation).

Nadezhda Viktorovna Astakhova

National Research University “Higher School of Economics”; “KinoEkspertiza”


senior lecturer, Department of Sociology (National Research University “Higher School of Economics”), head of expertise and research work (“KinoEkspertiza”).

Danila Olegovich Ivanov





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