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The article analyzes stylistic features of Russian arthouse films of the last decade. Contrary to mainstream these movies are designed for narrow, aesthetically advanced audience. It is commonly known, that the style of any film is primarily determined by interpretation of screen space, formed first of all through visual images. Every fresh artistic cinema current differs from others by the method of interpretation of artistic space. Proven practices show that most of the art films of the last decade have one thing in common. This is the mode of interpretation of the art space, characterized by realistic, but in the same time conventional environment, in which the characters act. Interpretation of spatial and temporal space in Russian arthouse is close to conventional theatrical style. This phenomenon is explained by the dominance of parabolic plots with abundance of symbols and allegories. Russian art films are also marked with negative perception of reality. Their action mostly takes place in the middle of nowhere with the minimum civilizational and cultural properties. The choice of location, conventional environment, slow-paced action, unambiguous characters are the dominant features defining the style of majority of art films.

About the authors

Vitaly Fyodorovich Poznin

Saint Petersburg State University

Author for correspondence.

PhD in Art, Professor, Television and Radio Journalism Department, Faculty of Journalism (Higher School of Journalism and Mass Communication)


  1. Лотман Ю.М. О русской литературе. Статьи и исследования (1958-1993). История русской прозы. Теория литературы. - СПб.: Искусство, 1997



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