Sound Editing in Screen Works

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The article pinpoints peculiarities of sound editing in movies basing on analysis of partitions of popular films of40-90s; the most frequent principles of sound track arrangement are examined for the first time. The stuff selection is conditioned by measure of popularity of screen works in question. Due to talent of such famous composers as I. Dunaevsky, S. Prokofiev, A. Khachaturian, A. Pakhmutova, A. Petrov et al and their ability “to hear” plastic imagery, to comprehend filmic atmosphere music plays an extremely important part in these films. Many songs from these films are still in circulation even now. Thorough sound design and editing are of great significance in film production. The author comes to conclusion, that rondo as a musical form and leit-motif as a principle of musical stuff development form a dominant principle of sound stuff arrangement. The two fundamentally tighten the structure of the film. Since original music affords to accentuate sound effects in the most adequate way, it seems perfect to call to a composer for creating original music. The author assumes, that the choice of sound arrangement principle in cinema depends on deliberate conception of the film, wrought out by the helmer, composer, and supervising sound editor. The screen work’s property is closely bound with attentive partition editing.

Natalia Nikolaevna Efimova

PhD (arts), professor

Academy of Media Industry

Author for correspondence.


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