On prerequisites for developing artistic time theory


Basic prerequisites for developing artistic time theory have been considered in the present article in reference to Aurelius Augustine time interpretation, P. Florensky’s doctrine of time within time procedural construction aspect, and Ilya Prigozhin’s processes’ formation. Film is a sequence of segments having quite different temporal features depending on a certain structural principle. Anyhow all the segments in question predominate the current present. The differences in duration exist in human being’s soul. Their «multi-layered» features were proved by Aurelius Augustine. He differentiated present of the current, i.e., contemplation; current of the coming - expectation; current of the past - reminiscence. Structural principle realization of current segments, linking as a whole, is found in P. Florensky’s works. It was he who stated scientific realizing of artistic time (as procedural construction). Formation processes on non-linear dynamics were particularly considered in Ilya Prigozhin’s works. Realizing story as a dynamic process pattern, the process of one reality’s being by another reality, ushers in the possibilities for film artistic time theory. For the aim of film artistic study it is reasonable to engage priorities considered as: 1. Investigation of this very principle. 2. Investigation of perfect feature for intra-frame time. Artistic time realizing is the corner-stone for film product shaping.

Natalia Eevgenyevna Marievskaja

PhD, assistant professor, Deputy Chair of Screenwriting


Author for correspondence.
Email: editor@vestnik-vgik.com


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