Humanitarian Practices in Modern Audiovisual Technologies

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The multimedia and multi-platform character of the modern media market as an attribute of contemporary reality has been expanding considerably the informative potential of the society in using various hardware based on audiovisual technologies. This, however, does not eliminate a number of contradictions in the sphere of humanitarian practices formed by mass media. The article explores the relationship between technological innovations and value systems in the context of the screen content which is growing at an exponential rate, and traces the dependence of humanitarian categories on social needs.

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Svetlana Leonidovna Urazova

Institute of Advanced Training for Television and Radio Broadcasting Personnel

кандидат филологических наук, доцент кафедры журналистики и массовой коммуникации, главный редактор периодического научного журнала «Вестник ВГИК»; ФГОУ ДПО «Институт повышения квалификации работников телевидения и радиовещания»; Institute of Advanced Training for Television and Radio Broadcasting Personnel


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