Remakes. The Artistic and Aesthetic Principles

In the article the author defines the concept "remake" using such films as «Once Again about Love», «The Sky. The Plane. The Girl», etc. as examples. The purpose of the work is to give a comparative analysis (both formal and sociological) of the films, to underline the autonomy of the new productions connected with the present cultural situation and to reveal the possibilities of the remake.

Primakova Nataliya Valer'evna

соискатель ученой степени кандидата искусствоведения, кафедра «эстетика, теория и история культуры», ВГИК; ВГИК

Primakova Nataliya Valerievna



Copyright (c) 2010 Primakova N.V., Primakova N.V.

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