History of the Portrait

This article is a fragment of the book "The Symphony of Light and Shadows. The Way to Higher Photographic Skills", which is being prepared for publication. It analyzes one of the most difficult aspects of fine art-work on the portrait of a man

Trankvillitskiy Yuriy Nikolaevich

доцент кафедры кинооператорского мастерства, преподает дисциплину «фотокомпозиция» на 2-м курсе кинооператорского факультета

Trankvillitsky Yuri

Associate Professor of the Cinematography Department of the Russian Federation State Institute of Cinematography teaching Photocomposition in the second year. He fought in the Great Patriotic War as a commander of an intelligence platoon


Copyright (c) 2010 Trankvillitskiy Y.N., Trankvillitsky Y.

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