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In overwhelming majority of cases the most part of distributed foreign movies are dubbed for Russian Federation. However the audience has the expirience of watching dubbed screen versions, while professionals and small part of cinema-goes criticize the quality of dubbing for modern foreign movies. One of the negative reason is baneful influence, destruction of director idea and crippling the film. The aim of dubbing companies is searching for the shit of meaning from one cultural language to another, i.e. realization of the process at intercultural level. By now this phenomenon has been used for leading the consciousness of audience

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кандидат искусствоведения, звукорежиссер, зав. кафедрой звукорежиссуры ВГИК им. С.А. Герасимова, член Союза кинематографистов РФ, член Российской Академии кинематографических искусств «НИКА», член Академии Российского телевидения, член Экспертного совета Национальной Академии кинематографических искусств и наук России; ВГИК; VGIK


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